Live Lightning

This data is for informational purposes only and is not to be used for protection of life or property.

Be advised that we are using some experimental modifications to the software that will almost certainly result in some inaccurate ranges being assigned to storms from time to time.

This is a depiction of the current lightning activity in the region. Larger symbols represent more recent strokes. The count in the upper left corner is the number of strokes detected in the last minute. The display normally shows the lightning activity in the last 20 minutes, however during times of intense activity we may switch over to a display that only shows the activity in the last minute.

For the newest strokes, cloud-to-ground is shown as a small yellow lightning bolt, and intercloud/intracloud is shown as red triangles.

For older strokes, green and cyan denote cloud-to-ground discharges, and blue and pink denote intercloud/intracloud discharges.

Occasionally, we will switch briefly to a display that shows only CG or IC strokes. If the screen capture occurs during one of those times, you will see that reflected in the display.

(An image will only be uploaded when there is at least some minimal lightning activity.)

This is a graph of the lightning activity over the last hour.

When showing lightning flashes (the normal mode), the blue-green represents -CG flashes, while the light green represents +CG flashes. The brighter magenta is -IC and the darker magenta represents +IC flashes. The flash counts will always be lower (sometimes much lower) than the stroke counts.

When showing strokes, the darker green area represents -CG strokes, while the cyan represents +CG strokes. Blue is +IC and pink is -IC.

The yellow numbers are the peak flash count and the time it occurred.

These are the current rates of the various types of flashes.

These are the totals for today of the various types of strokes and flashes.

The "Threat Assessment" window is an attempt to represent the current lightning situation in a simple, easy-to-understand fashion.